Open Call for Committee Member Nominations!

We are currently looking for members willing to serve on our various committees that create innovative activities to address the goals established by the Board of Trustees on behalf of the association and its membership. If you are interested in any of the committees listed, we encourage you to click the "volunteer today" button below and fill out our "Willingness to Serve" form.

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to continue building NPCAI!

Affiliations Task Force

This task force is charged with considering agreements with affiliated organizations that would benefit NPCAI and its members , as well as the affiliated organizations approached.

Bylaws Commttee

This committee periodically reviews the Bylaws of the organization and makes recommendations for changes and/or improvements, if needed.

Conference Committee

This committee’s is charged with planning the conference including development of an agenda, potential topics and speakers, and any other planning required for this event.

Membership Committee

This committee’s main goal is to recruit and retain members for NPCAI. The committee makes calls to those who choose not to renew to ascertain why they are not interested in NPCAI and attempts to bring new members to the organization.

Member Benefits Committee

This committee reviews potential benefits to bring to NPCAI’s portfolio and creates programs that would benefit the members of the organization.

RISC Committees: Curriculum Redesign; Exam Writing; Educator Approval

These three separate committees are responsible for overseeing activities related to NPCAI’s Recreation Installation Specialist Course and Certification. Each committee works independently to ensure best practices are being followed related to certification programs.