Open Call for Committee Member Nominations!

We are currently looking for members willing to serve on our various committees that create innovative activities to address the goals established by the Board of Trustees on behalf of the association and its membership. If you are interested in any of the committees listed, we encourage you to click the "volunteer today" button below and fill out our "Willingness to Serve" form.

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to continue building NPCAI!

Advertising and Sponsorship Committee

This committee’s main goal is the development and implementation of our strategic marketing and sponsorship programs.

Communications Committee

This committee’s main goals include: developing NPCAI marketing materials; providing material and ideas for our quarterly newsletter, The Playground Insider; and utilizing social media to promote the organization's business and activities.

Education Committee

Responsible for overseeing educational opportunities for the association. This committee’s main goals include: enhancing our educational offerings in order to promote NPCAI contractors/installers at state conferences; drafting specifications for architects; creating informational documents regarding logistics in installation; and developing educational webinars for NPCAI members.

Membership Committee

This committee’s main goals include: designing new strategic member benefits to encompass all stakeholders and maintaining our online member satisfaction surveys.

RISC Committee

Responsible for overseeing all activities related to NPCAI’s Recreation Installation Specialist Course and Certification. This committee’s main goals include: developing material for the RISC curriculum that position NPCAI at the forefront of the industry and training new instructors to teach RISC programs.